Prosecure Limited
ProSecure Limited - Defence Security Forensic Solutions is a dynamic and innovative company backed by 25 years of experience operating within the defence, security and the forensic industries, among others serving the Criminal Justice System, the Malta Police Force, the Forensic Science Laboratory and the Immigration department with a wide range of products and services.

These include photographic equipment, scene of crime investigation material and consumables, specialised forensic laboratory equipment such as fingerprint chemical enhancement chambers, security document analysis equipment, border control equipment, alcohol detection systems such as the Breathalyser systems, Automated Criminal Fingerprint Identification Systems(AFIS), Bio Radars for the detection of concealed or trapped persons, night vision equipment(thermal and Infra Red), Long Range thermal & IR Cameras and integrated Radar Technology for border surveillance, trace analysis equipment and other high end solutions such as audio and vision enhancement analysis solutions for law enforcement agencies...

Featured News
March 2013 - 26/3/2013
Specialised computer based training for X-Ray Screeners to the G4S who are the security operators responsible in making our departing flights safer and more secure.
March 2013 - 26/3/2013
Specialised Intermediate Profiling Training to the Malta International Airport making our departing flights safer and more secure.
January 2012 - 24/1/2012
Supply of Optic Viewer and Retro Check Equipment to the Malta Police Dept.
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