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Business Platform

myRakis - (Business Platform) architecture was specifically designed to ensure client satisfaction and to build a long lasting relationship among its clients. The system is being developed in house to cater for all customer needs and enables full transparency among its clients. It offers a vast array of information services, including Ticketing System, Inventory and stock control, Equipment Live Status, Event Scheduler, Statistics and Document storage related to each client project.


Client Portal Key Features:


  1. Web Based - accessible from anywhere with just a browser, works on smartphones and touch devices;

  2. Data ownership – You are absolute owner of your data (i.e we offer the GUI and the service of database hosting if needed).

  3. One subscription – You won’t need multiple subscriptions to access different companies using myRakis. (i.e you can use the same username to access different companies platform, only if they grant you access to their system).

  4. Knowledge base - Can browse through your ticket history and view your technical team response;

  5. Full Transparency on every project;

  6. Secure - different user roles and security permissions;

  7. Inventory – manage all equipment and parts;

  8. SOPs – Build up Standard Operational Procedures on how your team troubleshoot any problem and sustain your corporate memory;

  9. Email Notifications - on every ticket and events related to each project;

  10. Equipment Live Status - Shows a snapshot of the equipment status related to pending tickets;

  11. Statistics - Reports to calculate project efficiency and downtime over days/months/years;
Domain: ICT