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  • Helios DRF
  • Helios DRF
  • Helios DRF

Helios DRF

Helios DRF has been designed with a privilege to the aspects of lightness, compactness and reduced dimensions. Each movement has been optimized to facilitate the use by the operator and to ensure maximum patient safety, preventing his movements during the examination.

The minimum height from ground of the patient tabletop is just 45 cm, the lowest of the category. The access is made easier for any kind of patient.


It allows the directing of the beam towards any external receptor devices. As an example, when the table is tilted at +90°, the x-ray tube can be directed towards a stretcher or a wall stand. It is activated from remote or from the two control boards placed on DRF (B) and tube front (A).

FFD 180cm

Adjustable focus to film distance from 105 to 180 cm. Helios DRF allows chest examinations directly on the table, be it in horizontal or vertical


Retractable grids

The table is supplied with one or more retractable grids having different focal distances. Two rails under the flat panel holder group allow quick and safe parking. The operator can select among the following modes:

  • Fixed grid

  • Out of field grid

Domain: Scientific