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Film-screen mammography unit.


Omicron is the new film-screen mammography unit providing mammo examinations at reduced costs. It is suitable for in-depth studies of the breast as well as for screening programs. The new ergonomic design improves unit efficiency and ease of use.


μpress compression system

  • Motor-driven or manual pressure with safety release

  • Adjustable compression force shown on two displays

  • Progressively reduced paddle speed when in contact with the breast.


Double display

A LCD graphic display shows exposure parameters, alarm messages and other info like the Average Glandular Dose (AGD) calculated after each exposure and the HU level of the tube. An additional display is place frontally on the bottom of the unit showing the C-arm rotation angle, the applied compression force and the breast thickness.


A wide range of accessories can be added to Omicron, among which:

  • Potter bucky of 24x30 cm inclusive of grid and film marker

  • Automatic collimator and filter exchange

  • Motorized rotation of the C-arm

  • Geometric magnification support 1x 5x and 2x

  • Anti-x protective glass
Domain: Scientific