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  • Fitzco 705™ Micro Card 1c

Fitzco 705™ Micro Card 1c

One circle card that collects up to 125 µl specimen or 25 µl plant homogenate per card. Each circle is 1 inch in diameter. The Micro Card format uses a heavy card stock that surrounds the collection area and gives the card rigidity for specimen collection and processing. Card is designed with a fold over cover that helps protect the specimen area before and after the sample collection.


The Fitzco 705™ Micro Card is a unique design for the convenient collection for biosampling; blood, etc.. The card is constructed of Fitzco 705™ DNA paper using materials that will not effect the sample. The cards have a sample circle spot for easy collection. The circle is designed for 125ul.


Sample punching is easy and consistent for sample analysis. The covers are designed for protection as well to help the sample dry. The hard jacket surrounding the DNA/Specimen paper gives the card rigidity for specimen collection and processing. The Fitzco cards have been in use for over 20 years in both frozen and ambient storage. The products have proven long term storage capabilities. They are also perfect for collection and use immediately.

  • Easy Sample Collection

  • Long term Nucleic Acids preservation

  • Short term protein stabilization

  • Reliable - Laboratory Tested & Validated

  • Efficient - Ready for processing in minutes

  • Storage - Ambient or Frozen

  • All cards are available in non-indicating and indicating unless otherwise noted.

  • Customize cards with special text, barcodes or other layout formats.


705 Specimen Cards utilize FP705 paper, which is a unique biological grade collection paper that enhances specimen collection. Collected samples will not run or diffuse into the paper. Fitzco has used this grade of paper since 1991 for nucleic acid preservation at both ambient and frozen temperatures.


Specimens collected on this grade of paper over 30 years ago have been tested and have excellent yield retention. FP705 is guaranteed to be a dependable composition that maintains a constant thickness, flow rate and absorbency. When converted into a card format it is an easy and simple collection device.


FP705 is the platform for the Ensemble Collection System which includes the 705 & 705i indicating cards.


Whatever your needs for collection, this card is easy & simple to use.

Sample Area: 25mm / 1” Circle

# of Circles & Diameter: 1 - 1”

Sample Volume (Per Card): 125μL

Style: Fold Over Cover

Domain: Forensic