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  • Fitzco Blood DNA Collection Kit

Fitzco Blood DNA Collection Kit

Fitzco has specialized in Bloodstain cards and the technology for many years. Fitzco introduced the first Bloodstain card for DNA collection in 1991.


The Fitzco Card is a unique design for the convenient collection of bloodstains. The card is constructed of Fitzco FP705 DNA paper using materials that will not effect the sample. The cards have sample circle spots for easy collection.


Sample punching is easy and consistent for sample analysis. The covers are designed for protection as well to help the sample dry. The cards have been in use for almost 20 years in both frozen and ambient storage. The products have proven long term storage capabilities. They are also perfect for collection and use immediately.


Whatever your needs for collection, this card is the Original Classic Fitzco Card. The Fitzco Card got its name in the 90s during a famous trial in the LA area of California. The lawyers didnt know what to call it and the manufacturer had never named it beyond the DNA card. They coined the phrase "Fitzco Card", since the printing on the card was Fitzco and it was a DNA card. Just before Whatman purchased Fitzco the card was renamed the "Classic".

Domain: Forensic