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  • Crime-lite® ASV
  • Crime-lite® ASV
  • Crime-lite® ASV

Anti-Strokes laser viewing enclosure for the examination of fingerprints

The Crime-lite ASV is a bench-top viewing enclosure for the stimulation of infrared activated anti-Stokes fingerprint dusting powders.

Anti-Stokes powders absorb invisible infrared radiation and re-emit the energy at visible wavelengths, a process that is the reverse of standard fluorescence.

Excellent results can be obtained with fingerprints on busy multicoloured backgrounds and on backgrounds which fluoresce at similar wavelengths to standard fingerprint treatments.

  • Bright visualisation of fingerprints under infrared illumination

  • Minimise the impact of background fluorescence

  • Safe Class 2 laser viewing enclosure

Latent fingerprints, invisible under white light, appear to glow brightly in the visible spectrum when dusted with anti-Stokes (up-convertor) powder and illuminated under intense infrared light.

Visualisation of fingerprints using anti-Stokes powders is of particular use in situations where background fluorescence overwhelms the fluorescence produced using alternative fingerprint dyes/stains, on exhibits that cannot be dipped into wet treatments such as BY-40, and on metal exhibits (this is due to the magnetic properties of anti-Stokes powders).

Typical exhibits that benefit from ASV development include:

  • Paper and card including banknotes, passports, magazines etc.

  • Smooth metal surfaces including drinks cans

  • Electronics such as mobile phones

  • Firearms, that require test firing following treatment
Domain: Forensic