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  • Crime-lite 82S
  • Crime-lite 82S
  • Crime-lite 82S

Powerful alternate light source for crime scene and laboratory

Where serious crime demands intensive crime scene investigation, the Crime-lite 82S range offers levels of illumination and ease of use that will almost certainly increase the quantity and value of evidence detected.

Each Crime-lite 82S features 16 LEDs hand-picked for brightness and wavelength accuracy, ensuring consistent performance and effectiveness. Viewing goggles and camera filters supplied with the 82S range feature anti-glare coatings unique to Foster and Freeman. These improve effectiveness by suppressing auto-fluorescence from the basic filters.

The range includes UV, Violet, Blue, Blue/Green, Green, Orange, Red and Infrared narrow bandwidth illumination for detecting blood, body fluids, drugs and fibres as well as for examining chemically treated fingerprints.

Crime-lite 82S kits are supplied with a complete range of accessories including anti-glare viewing goggles and camera lens filters designed to provide maximum optical performance when used alongside high power light sources.

Features include:

  • Intense shadow-free beam without hotspots

  • Up to 600 minutes operating time on a fully charged battery

  • Constant light output regardless of battery charge

  • Anti-glare viewing goggles and camera filters

Domain: Forensic