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MATCHPOINT is the firearm expert analysis station for reviewing the potential matches obtained from IBIS correlation algorithms.

Access to high-resolution 2D images and precise 3D topography offers remarkable viewing capabilities and useful alternatives when analyzing cartridge case and bullet markings.

An extensive array of viewers and functions assist with the identification of similar candidates. High level analysis of correlation results and visual comparisons allow for the rapid elimination of non-matches. Powerful in-depth visualization tools provide capabilities far beyond those of the conventional comparison microscope, and make it easier to recognize high-confidence matches. The work done using MATCHPOINT significantly increases the identification success rate, and decreases the effort required for ultimate confirmation on a conventional comparison microscope.

Bullets acquired using BULLETTRAX are viewed as a continuous wraparound image that is always in focus. The flattened image strip can be viewed in 2D, 3D, or a mix of both. This overall view provides a useful perspective for performing high-level phase alignment before comparing the finer markings, and it also simplifies the comparison of damaged bullets. Additionally, the combination of the enhanced surface markings and the realistic shape simultaneously makes it easier to locate and emphasize significant markings, such as those on the bearing surface of polygonal and smooth bore bullets.

Cartridge cases acquired using BRASSTRAX are viewed based on multiple regions of interest in 2D, 3D, or a mix of both. One or more of these regions can hold the key to finding a match. The 3D information provides remarkable advantages for the comparison of cartridge cases.

MATCHPOINT features:

  • Cartridge case side-by-side viewer

  • Cartridge Case MultiViewer

  • 3D enhancements

  • Independent regions of interest

  • Bullet side-by-side viewer

  • Bullet MultiViewer

  • Bullet shape viewing

  • Cross-section profiles

  • Score analysis

  • Reports and printouts

  • Reshaping of a deformed bullet to more closely resemble a pristine reference bullet

  • Printouts of  information screens, viewer screens, and images

  • Reports with generic and custom templates

  • Variety of output formats

  • Generate manual correlation requests

  • Search and view case and exhibit information

Domain: Forensic