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  • Agora SMS

Security Management Software

AGORA SMS is a unified platform that integrates different security systems from different vendors adding procedures and auditing tools. Our software allows you to increase productivity in your organisation by implementing procedures, allowing the operator to control every equipment, on-site guards and vehicles, from the same platform. With AGORA, you’ll also be able to audit and analyse the entire operation from any internet browser.


  • Reduce vandalism and protect properties

  • Manage situations remotely with video and audio

  • Reduce operational costs by reducing false alarms

  • Optimise operations

  • Increase staff productivity by integrating systems

  • Customised Processes  & Procedures

  • Unified and open platform

  • Scalable and extensive architecture

  • Manage operations with Business Intelligence tools


  • Unified Platform

  • Remote Access

  • Monitor and Audit all Actions

  • SNMP status information

  • Time of First Response

  • Situational awareness

  • Unified procedures

  • Freedom of choice

  • Business Intelligence

Domain: Security