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NINcha - Series of forensic climate chambers for fingerprint development

NINcha from Attestor Forensics is a concept for “a real forensic climate chamber”, which focuses particularly on the development of Ninhydrin, DFO and Indandione treated fingerprints.

For better contrast between fingerprint and background an increasing number of laboratories change to a development of Ninhydrin-treated evidence at temperatures slightly above room temperature but still at high humidity. The majority of cabinets on the market struggle with this demand as high humidity at low temperature increases the risk of condensation, potentially damaging evidence. NINcha lets the user have high humidity levels even at low temperatures and features a unique system to avoid condensation. Certain chemical treatments need to be undertaken in a certain order. DFO treatment for example, needs to be done before Ninhydrin otherwise it will not work. If the majority of the work undertaken by any forensic cabinet is Ninhydrin, then all the filtration units will be saturated with old Ninhydrin fumes and minute paper particles and any future DFO treatments may be contaminated with this residue Ninhydrin.

The NINcha cabinet has easily interchangeable filtration units, each coded to ensure that the correct filtration unit is in place before a particular treatment is carried out, ensuring that the best possible environment is in place to maximize the fingermark recovery of an exhibit. There are no hidden air ducts to allow efficient cleaning and NINcha even features UV-C DNA-decontamination. The added benefits of having both pre-programmed and flexible manual development routines combined with automatic recording of development parameters and safety measures (also for QA purposes), all especially set for Ninhydrin or DFO operation make NINcha , available in three different sizes and with various optional accessory a real forensic climate chamber.
Domain: Forensic