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  • Magnifiers Range
  • Magnifiers Range
  • Magnifiers Range

Magnifiers Regula 1001; 1002; 1001M; 1002M; 1003?; 1004?

Regula magnifiers are designed for express authenticity verification and advanced examination of passports, banknotes, securities and other documents with security features.

The products enable to view small size objects, coins, stamps, fragments of photographs, seals, signatures and handwriting.

These compact devices are designed in plastic body. Certain models are supplied with a LED light source and a measuring scale.

The magnifiers can be used as separate authenticity verification tools or can be supplied with other Regula devices extending their functionality.


  • Law enforcement agencies

  • Forensic laboratories

  • Banks

  • Medical establishments

  • Notary offices

  • Professional spheres:

    • numismatics

    • philately

    • printing

    • photography

    • instrumentation engineering

Delivery Set

  • Measuring scale for Regula 1002, 1002M, 1004M

  • LED light source with a power supply element (6 V, type 4LR44) for Regula 1003M, 1004M
Domain: Security