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A compact examination system for checking security and travel documents at border control

Designed for checking standard security features of travel documents, the eye-D® is a low cost system that can be deployed in large numbers to improve national and border security.

Compact, lightweight, and with a padded carrying case that unfolds to provide light shielding, the eye-D® is designed for use in any location from either standard AC power source or 12V DC from a vehicle.

Examinations with eye-D® are made visually using various modes of illumination and with the aid of an integral magnifying lens. The authenticity of first level printed security features can be simply checked with UV, transmitted, oblique, and coaxial illumination.

eye-D® features:

  • User friendly controls for quick efficient checks

  • Highly portable, weighs less than 6kg

  • Powered via AC or 12V DV vehicle power supply

  • Choice of systems

With up to six light sources fitted as standard and a integral magnifier, the eye-D is a versatile system that can be used for verifying the presence of security features as well as detecting alterations or tampering.

The following Light sources and applications are dependent upon the model purchased:

  • White Incident Light, for general examination of print quality and photo-substitution

  • White Transmitted Light, for the examination of watermarks

  • White Oblique Light, with reflector and adjustable intensity for the examination of embossed stamps

  • White Coaxial, for the examination retro reflective images

  • Longwave UV incident light for the examination of printed fluorescent features and fibres
Domain: Forensic