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  • Banknotes reference book
  • Banknotes reference book
  • Banknotes reference book

Banknotes reference book

The reference books are intended for express authenticity verification and advanced examination of banknotes and coins from different countries of all denominations and series.

The reference books are printed in English and Russian. The editions include systematized and illustrated descriptions of banknotes and coins and their security features and techniques.

The description of each banknote is given on 3 pages containing more than 30 illustrations.

Published reference books:

«Banknotes and coins of UN and USA»: 23 banknotes, 16 coins

«Banknotes and coins of Poland»: 5 banknotes, 9 coins

«Banknotes and coins of Russia»: 19 banknotes, 8 coins

«Banknotes of Ukraine»: 30 banknotes

Special editions arranged by country and banknote can be compiled at customer’s request.


  • Financial institutions

  • Law-enforcement agencies

  • Forensic laboratories

  • Professional spheres:

    • numismatics

    • notaphily

Domain: Security