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  • Atlas of passports
  • Atlas of passports
  • Atlas of passports

Atlas of passports

The Atlas is intended for express authenticity verification and advanced examination of passports, ID cards and other travel documents.

Atlas of Passports is a reference edition which is periodically updated. At present the atlas consists of 9 volumes in Russian and English which contain systematized illustrated descriptions of identity and travel documents and their security features.

Each volume contains 200 documents arranged by country in alphabetical order. The description of each document is placed on a separate page.

Special editions arranged by country and document type can be compiled at customer’s request.

9 volumes of Atlas of Passports include:

  • ‌1 800 documents from 175 countries and 4 international organizations

  • Supplementary information:

    • ‌"Elements of the authenticity control" located on the front flyleaf:

      • the table of alphanumeric codes indicating different security features

    • ‌"Structure of the volumes 1-9" given on 52 pages:

      • the list of all the documents contained in 9 volumes

      • color illustrations of documents covers

      • names of documents in the language of the issuer

      • special features of documents

    • ‌"User’s guide" given on 50 pages:

      • general information about the Atlas

      • structure of document description

      • detailed description of main security features listed in the Atlas

      • over 200 illustrations

    • ‌"Contents"


  • Border control/immigration services

  • Customs authorities

  • Law-enforcement agencies

  • Forensic laboratories

  • Law enforcement education institutions

  • Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documents

Domain: Security