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  • Banknote Reader Regula 8803

Banknote Reader Regula 8803

Mobile true high resolution banknote reader featuring 800 DPI resolution.

Regula 8803 is designed as a mobile complex in a protective case with built-in high resolution optical banknote reader. The workstation is used as stationary (powered from the AC mains) equipment.

The workstation document reader enables to capture images in reflected ultraviolet, visible (white), infrared light and in transmitted visible and infrared light and then obtaining high-resolution images.


  1. The optical reader automatically detects a banknote in the scanning area of the device.

  2. Banknote images are captured in different illumination modes.

  3. Regula SDK processes data.

  4. Results of the verification are ready for further use.


  • Border control services

  • Aviation security services

  • Law-enforcement agencies

  • Immigration services

  • Financial institutions

  • Cellular companies

  • Business centers security service

  • Event-agencies

  • Medical institutions

  • Ticket offices

  • Insurance companies

  • Casino security service

Additional functions

  • Programmable LED indicator of the device status: red, yellow, green

Domain: Security