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  • Light table Regula 4167S
  • Light table Regula 4167S
  • Light table Regula 4167S

Light table Regula 4167S

The light table is intended for express authenticity verification and advanced examination of passports, ID cards and other travel documents, visa stamps and seals, including but not limited to entry permits, driving licenses, banknotes, vehicle registration certificates and other vehicle related documents, revenue and special stamps, securities and other documents with security features in transmitted white and infrared light.

Regula 4167 is a compact device designed in a plastic body. It can be used as a mobile device (powered by batteries) and as a desktop unit (powered by USB 2.0). Light sources can be activated on the device upper panel or with the help of «Regula Forensic Studio» software when the light table is connected to the PC.

The light table is often used as a separate control tool. It can also be supplied in the delivery set of a spectral luminescent magnifier Regula 4177 and other devices expanding their functionality.


  • Examination of

    • document basis

      • paper opacity, watermarks, security fibers, planchettes, security threads, all types of windows, shadow images, etc.

    • printing methods

      • see-through register and other security features and techniques

    • document alterations such as erasure,

    • traces of signature forgery,

    • blurred, crossed out entries, texts and images.


  • Forensic departments

  • Court expertise

  • Financial institutions

  • Border control/immigration services

  • Customs authorities

  • Medical institutions

  • Professional spheres

    • numismatics

    • philately

    • printing

    • photography

    • instrumentation engineering

  • Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documents

Delivery Set

  • 6 rechargeable batteries, type ???

  • USB cable for battery charging and for connecting the device to a PC

Domain: Security