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  • Magneto-optical scanner Regula 7701; 7701M
  • Magneto-optical scanner Regula 7701; 7701M
  • Magneto-optical scanner Regula 7701; 7701M

Magneto-optical scanner Regula 7701; 7701M

The magneto-optical scanner is intended for advanced examination of banknotes, securities and documents with magnetic security features.

Regula 7701/M is constructed as a single unit for desktop use in aluminum metal body. It is used with a PC and fully controlled with the help of CADR software (supplied with a unit). The device is reliable, convenient and easy-to-use.

The scanner object stage has a perforated area for document pneumatic pressing. Document surface scanning is carried out with the help of a magnetic head which is equipped with a magnetization system.


  • ?onstruction and comparative analysis of magnetic patterns of examined documents

  • ?omparative examination of printing tools and materials (detection of magnetic properties of dyes in examined objects)

  • Examination of magnetic security features (magnetic ink, fibers, tapes, etc.)

  • Reading invisible magnetic strokes and codes

  • Examination of damaged documents – reading blurred and crossed out texts printed with magnetic ink

  • Assessment of magnetic parameters for document security elements: distribution of magnetic induction, magnetic flux modulus (7701?)

Special features

  • Effective magnetization system and high sensitivity of the visualizer which allows examining magnetic materials with a low level of leakage flux

  • Detachable magnetization system enables to differentiate security features made of magnetically soft and magnetically hard materials (7701?)

  • Specialized software enables to measure quickly and accurately images of examined documents and compare them with the samples

Regula 7701 and Regula 7701M

In addition, Regula 7701? provides a possibility to carry out a comparative assessment of magnetic properties of document protection elements. The Magnetic Measurements function in Regula 7701M enables not only to obtain a histogram of the normal component of magnetic induction Bn (in Tesla) for a frame and to calculate the module of the magnetic flux ?n (in Weber) in this frame area, but also to compare a distance (d) between the histogram of an examined document and that of a sample. Comparing obtained parameters (Bn, ?n, d) of the examined document and the sample enables to draw a conclusion on the authenticity of the document and the magnetic image wear or damage degree.


  • Border control/immigration services

  • Customs authorities

  • Forensic departments

  • Court expertise

  • Law-enforcement agencies

  • Financial institutions

  • Other agencies and organizations authorized to check documents and banknotes

Delivery Set

  • CADR software and drivers for the device control

  • Optionally:

    • PC

    • Demagnetizer Regula 7751

Domain: Security