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  • ECCO 2
  • ECCO 2
  • ECCO 2

For the elemental analysis of evidence by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy

With a large sample chamber, ECCO 2 is designed for the analysis of paper, glass, metals, paint, fibres, minerals and gunshot residues by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) providing elemental analysis on materials as small as 300 microns.

The system uses a high intensity pulsed laser focussed onto the sample to create a plasma of vaporised matter which emits an atomic spectrum of the constituent elements. A database of emission lines provides automatic identification and labelling of elements present.

Analysis with ECCO 2 is fast, simple to operate, requires minimal sample preparation, gives immediate results and is sensitive to low parts per million. LIBS offers significant advantages in speed, sensitivity and cost effectiveness over other processes such as XRF, SEM, and mass spectrometry.

Features include:

  • Rapid analysis

  • Automatic identification of elements

  • Minimal sample preparation

  • Minimal technical training required

  • Safety interlocked sample chamber
Domain: Forensic