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  • Mobile workstation Regula 83X3
  • Mobile workstation Regula 83X3
  • Mobile workstation Regula 83X3

Mobile workstation Regula 83X3

The workstation is intended for automated reading and authenticity verification of passports, ID cards, driving licences, visas and other documents. The device performs recognition of text data and barcodes, reading RFID tags.

The function of fingerprint scanning and verification is available.

Regula 83x3 is designed as a mobile complex in a protective case with a shoulder belt. The workstation comprises a portable PC (the model is selected at customer’s request) and a document reader connected to the PC via a USB cable. Regula 83x3 can be used both as a desktop solution (powered by a battery pack) and as a portable device (power by the AC mains).

The document reader allows capturing images of documents in white, infrared and white coaxial light depending on the model. Regula 83x3 is optionally equipped with an RFID-reader. The mobile workstation operation is controlled via special software Regula Document Reader SDK.


  • Capturing and processing images

    • supported document formats

      • ID-1

      • ID-2

      • ID-3

      • other documents with maximum size 90×130 mm

    • document detection sensor

    • automatic scanning after document detection

    • compensation of external light hitting during image capture in ultraviolet light (Smart UV)

    • automated selection of UV illumination intensity according to the document type

    • search and cropping of a document image from a general image

  • the MRZ detection and recognition

  • recognition and reading of 1D and 2D barcodes

  • automated recognition of a document type

  • processing graphic fields

  • OCR of the visual zone

  • reading RFID-tags

  • analyzing and comparing text data

  • automated authenticity verification of a document


  1. The optical reader automatically detects a document in the reader slot.

  2. Images of the document in functional illumination modes are formed. At the same time data from an RFID tag is read out.

  3. A fingerprint is scanned.

  4. Obtained data are processed by Regula Document Reader SDK.

  5. The results of processing are available for further use.


  • Border control services

  • Aviation security services

  • Law-enforcement agencies

  • Immigration services

  • Financial institutions

  • Hotels

  • Car rental and leasing companies

  • Cellular companies

  • Business centers security service

  • Event-agencies

  • Medical institutions

  • Tourist agencies

  • Ticket offices

  • Visa support agencies and consulates

  • Insurance companies

  • Casino security service

Delivery Set

  • Regula Document Reader SDK

Domain: Security