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  • Aster DR
  • Aster DR
  • Aster DR

Direct to digital radiography systems

Maximized productivity and quality in x-ray diagnostic department.

  • Excellent image quality with proven dose efficiency

  • Exceptionally fast processing

  • More patient data

  • Reduced costs in the time

  • Easy and intuitive user interface

To better meet your specific needs, the Aster DR is available in a broad range of configurations, with a full complement of accessories and customizations.

Aster DR is equipped with a choice of the best flat panel detectors. Our flat panels offer high x-ray absorption and low-noise signal.

  • 35x43 cm wireless

  • 35x43 cm wired

  • 41x43 cm non portable

  • 43x43 cm non portable

  • 43x43 cm wireless

Domain: Scientific