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Domain: Forensic

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BLUESTAR® Ecospray

Better than a sprayer, more than an aerosol ECOSPRAY is a small fully self-contained micro-sprayer with a disposable gas pressure reservoir that applicants fluids with a perfect mist quality (finen...

BLUESTAR® Forensic Kit

The BLUESTAR® FORENSIC KIT provides the crime scene investigator with a complete tool to ascertain the presence of blood, or its possible absence. Ready-to-use : just add the three ...

BLUESTAR® Forensic Magnum

3 times more powerful BLUESTAR® FORENSIC MAGNUM, 3 times more powerful than the regular BLUESTAR® FORENSIC, has been especially formulated for the critical cases when minute blood particles...

BLUESTAR® Forensic Mini Kit

The BLUESTAR® FORENSIC MINI KIT is meant primarily for police searching small areas or objects for a quick verification when suspecting a crime has happened. Instantly ready : just ...

BLUESTAR® Forensic Tablets 4 Applications

Pack of 4 pairs of individually packed tablets A compact and lightweight multi-use product. Each box provides the investigator with the possibility to prepare 4 times 125 ml (4 oz) of BLUESTAR®...

BLUESTAR® Forensic Tablets 8 Applications

8 pairs of tablets for 8 applications A very compact and lightweight multi-use product. Each pack provides the investigator with the possibility to prepare 8 times 125 ml (4 oz) of BLUESTAR® FO...


Rapid test for the detection of human haemoglobin BLUESTAR® Identi-HEM is a rapid, qualitative immunochromatographic test, in a device, for specific detection of human haemoglobin. It is prima...


Immunochromatographic test for prostate specific antigen detection   Description BLUESTAR® Identi-PSA is a rapid qualitative test in a device for PSA detection from traditional biolo...

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