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Blood Centrifuge

  Model BK-TB12 Max Speed ...

Crude Oil-water Test Centrifuge

BK-L5KSII is an ideal separation equipment of water test and sediment content in crude oil at oil industry and research institutions.   Features: DC Brushless motor, special ...

Erythrocyte Washing Centrifuge

Erythrocyte washing centrifuge realizes perfect separation with precise timer to seconds within 3 minutes, mainly used in the separation wand washing of lymphocyte and erythrocyte.   Feat...

Large Capacity Centrifuge for Blood Bags

Features: Microprocessor control, digital display with the temperature, time and speed. Brushless motor, free maintenance, speed up and down quickly. A...

Large Capacity High Speed Refrigerated Centrifuge

Features: LCD display: include setting parameters and actual parameters; Brushless motor: controlled by microchip’s dsPIC30F series SCM and driven by FAIRCHILD&rs...

Low Speed Centrifuge

Features: Microprocessor control, LED display: rotor model, time, RCF and speed; Quiet, maintenance-free brushless drive; Double lid and lock system;...

Low Speed Large Capacity Centrifuge

Features: Programmable microprocessor control( AC brushless motor) ; LCD display: speed, RCF, time, conversion of RPM/RCF; External cold-rolled steel ...

Milk Fat Centrifuge

Features: The digital display indicates the speed, time and temperature. Microprocessor control. Electric lid lock, over speed, over temperature and im...

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