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  • Ballistic Identification
  • Ballistic Identification
  • Ballistic Identification

Ballistic Identification

Law enforcement agencies are faced with many challenges when processing firearm-related evidence. Traditional manual methods of processing evidence require too much in time and resources, and often result in backlogs of evidence and missed investigative leads. Some agencies have a shortage of qualified firearm examiners, while others need to coordinate national programs across multiple jurisdictions that spread over large geographical areas.

An automated ballistic identification system is the answer to many of these challenges. The strength of automation technology comes from its ability to capture digital information from fired bullets and cartridge cases that can be compared against a multitude of other captured ballistic exhibits at speeds well beyond human capability. Digitized data is exchanged through networking based on standardized information that allows consistent comparisons locally as well as internationally, thereby overcoming the obstacles associated with the physical exchange of evidence.

Prosecure LTD represents the world’s most advanced ballistic identification solution on the market.
Domain: Forensic

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