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  • Document Examination

Document Examination

Forensic document examinations are very useful to help the investigators in the fight against crime. the main objective of this field of forensics examinations is to establish whether the question document is genuine or not.
Domain: Forensic

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Microscopic, traceable, and virtually indestructible; taggants are fast becoming an integral part of the high security document printing process. Using the Foster+Freeman DVM it is possible to dete...


With a large sample chamber, ECCO 2 is designed for the analysis of paper, glass, metals, paint, fibres, minerals and gunshot residues by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) providing elemen...


ESDA® works by creating an electrostatic image of indented writing, which is then visualised by the application of charge sensitive toners. The sensitive imaging process reacts to sites of micro...


Designed for travelling, the ESDA-lite is ideal for the private document examiner commissioned to work away from the laboratory and is supplied complete with accessories in a robust, padded carrying...


Designed for checking standard security features of travel documents, the eye-D® is a low cost system that can be deployed in large numbers to improve national and border security. Compact, lig...


Raman spectra exhibit numerous features that are specific to molecular structure and provide valuable "signatures" for comparing and differentiating materials, making it an ideal technique for exami...


The PD2000 is a unique document examination system designed to record images of passports under a number of illumination wavelengths in order to verify the presence of security features or to reve...


The VSC-QC1 enables 12 authenticity checks to be carried out on a passport or ID card in a matter of seconds, combining ease of use with rapid examination and data capture. The VSC-QC1 is ideally s...

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